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All Cried Out

Have you ever cried about a situation so much that you couldn't cry about it anymore? You might have cried so many times that you get frustrated with yourself for allowing a situation to control your emotions intensely. This is the type of situation that you don't know what else to do because you have done all you could do.

I've been all cried out more than once in my life for different reasons. I trust God and pray to Him during all of my crying but it is still hard. I was surrounded by friends and family who love me but I still felt alone. I was sad all the time. No one could help me but me. The only way I could help me, was finding strength in God.

There were many nights when I literally laid on my face in a corner of my house to cry out to God. I would cry, then worship Him for deliverance. I did this everyday until one day I was done crying but filled with joy. I begin to search the Bible for scriptures to minister to me about my situation. I went to every Bible study, meeting, and practice my church had so I could be in God's presence. I was still in that situation but I found God's light in a dark situation.

When I helped myself to God, prayers started to be answered. My situation changed to line up with His promises. I pressed in to touch the hem of His garment because I knew this was the only way to be delivered. I had to touch Him so He could touch me.

Turn your cries into worship to get strength from God about the draining situation. Below is a scripture reference when David was all cried out, however he found strength in God. When he found the strength, he won the battle over the enemy, with God.

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