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How To Have A Balanced Life As A Single Mother

Updated: Aug 3, 2019

The majority of the people in our culture knows about the toughness of being a single mom. As head of their homes, these women have to provide for and be there for their children in every way. Single mothers barely have time to care for their personal needs.

Single mothers can easily become bogged down with life. I know because I was not only raised by a single mother, but I'm also a single mother. These women work 40 hours or more a week, fight rush-hour traffic, rush to pick their kids up from childcare, rush home to cook dinner, and squeeze in time to ensure the kids do their homework and have everything they need. Let's include in the single mother’s life, kids who play organized sports. With this extracurricular activity any hope of free time takes flight with every touchdown on the football. Oh, my goodness! A single mother’s life can be overwhelming, lonely, and sometimes downright depressing.

Does the single mother deserve a break? Does she deserve time to care for herself? Yes, of course she does. Everyone needs a break or a way to release stress and anxiety brought on by the hustle and bustle of life. There is nothing wrong with a single mother taking time out to love herself. This is necessary to avoid the emotional downfall that can spiral into depression that settles in the heart. This condition dangerously impacts the children who must soon begin raising themselves because their mom has been incapacitated by hopelessness and defeat.

The single mother has to balance life by taking care of not only her children but herself. If she neglects one over the other, life can be difficult. Warning: A single mother who focuses on finding a man to help with life, including taking care of the children may intensify the problem. She may have to deal with the issues that come with being in a bad relationship. Desperation should never guide the quest for a mate. This can harm everyone involved, including the children.

What is the solution to balanced single mother living? Staying in God's presence. God has promised to be all we need. He will be the single mother’s accountability partner, helper, provider, healer, comforter, and guide. God will be there to love her and her children as she puts Him first. When God is first in the home, He will be the peace that every single mother desire.

Psalms 37:4 NIV says, "Take delight in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart."


Holy Bible. New International Version (NIV). Biblica Inc, 2011.

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