an inspirational, fiction, romantic book

about a young woman named Torian, who had a rough childhood being raised by an abusive alcoholic, single mother. Her grandmother would take her and her siblings to church, where they were baptized. Unfortunately, her grandmother passes away, which leaves Torian to raise herself and siblings.

With determination to escape home, she gets a full scholarship to college where she is swept off her feet, by what she thinks is the love of her life, but isn't.

The relationship she has with God is shaky.  Torian stops loving herself and starts making reckless choices. She stops caring about life.

However, things  begins to put her life back together, with the help of her friends. She discovers her purpose, which leads her to a relationship of true love.

an inspirational devotional book

for those who need help to jump start to finding their purpose through God's love.
Psalm 56:2 says "I call to God Most High, to God who fulfills His purpose for me." NLT translation
It's twenty one days to renew your mind, and get rid of confusion in your life. Think of it like a diet for your spirit. It's cleansing to get rid of the "junk food" in your soul.
These inspirational devotions will help you to know who you are through God's love; see your self the way God see's you; and know your purpose.