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Chase the Heart, Not the Wallet

Updated: Aug 3, 2019

Many little girls dream of marrying their "Prince Charming" and living happily after. They dream he is going to be the perfect man with all of his life in order. What if the perfect man loves you and treats you great, but there one thing missing? Money.

A man who can provide is on the majority of women's wish list for a mate. They want a man who can take care of himself, you, and children, if necessary. The ideal man is physically strong and able to work long hours, while taking care of the home. Yes, the woman will have her own career if she chooses, but it is her choice. But what if the man has all the qualities a woman wants but is broke? Is it better to hang onto love or drop him with the hope of finding a man with money and possibly none of the other good qualities?

Money comes and goes. A man with money could end up losing his source of income, then what? The woman will be stuck with a man who brings nothing to the table but a bad relationship. Chasing the wallet may result in having a dead-beat dad for your children and an uncaring husband for you.

A man without money may eventually start a new business and be successful. He could find another job or get a promotion. He would then suggest that you quit your job and be a stay at home mom. He will be able to invest back into you because of his good heart. He will take care of you.

When you date a man for his heart and not for some superficial or materialistic reason, it will last longer. The relationship will be more real and will last through anything. When mistakes are made in the relationship, forgiveness rises to the forefront because your love is deep and not a surface love.

One tip: When dating a man with a good heart, don’t rush the relationship. Don't let him just talk a good talk. He has to walk it out or at least be in the process of walking it out. For example, if he has a goal of starting his own business or going back to school, he should be making concrete steps to fulfill his ambition. If he isn't already enrolled in school or in the process of getting paperwork together, that’s a red flag. If he isn't in the process of researching and starting his own business, that’s a red flag.

I'm not saying that all men with money are bad and all men without money are good. What I am saying is to be open to a man who isn't able to provide for you financially, especially if that is the only thing you don't like about him. Don't miss out on your blessing of a good man because of money. Chase the heart, not the wallet

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