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How To Stay Focused During The Madness

Living through a pandemic is surreal. It's overwhelming and scary at times. Going through something traumatic reveals the hearts of people. It's not the first major tragedy that has happened, and it will not be the last

I watched the first episode of the Emmitt Till series that is airing, I started thinking about what people were surviving thru during those times. Going through heavy racism was very traumatic that caused a lot of people of all ethnicities to lose their minds. Those disgraceful times also birthed some strong leaders, for example Martin Luther King Jr, Malcom X, Rosa Parks, to name a few. The dreadful way of life for African Americans fueled their focus in the madness.

This is how I have learned to stay focused during the madness of life. I let the madness fuel my fire for change, for a positive change, not negative. Majority of people when the pandemic first happened panicked. People started drinking alcohol more consistently to ease the fear. Everything shut down, including churches. Today many things are still not the same as it was before the pandemic. However, people have learned to live with the madness and are getting focused on positive changes.

Someone in the Bible panicked during madness, his name is Peter. Peter is a disciple for Jesus. He walked with Jesus during His ministry on earth. Jesus knew that tragedy was coming to Him. He told Peter that He was going to deny Him three times. Peter's heart wasn't strong enough to stand in tough times. When Jesus was captured, Peter did exactly what Jesus said, he denied Him. Peter felt guilt when Jesus looked at him as He was being carried to away. Peter didn't know His own heart. The time of trauma revealed how strong Peter's faith is to Peter. He realized He needed more faith.

During times of madness stay focused by not panicking, don't lose faith, and let the madness fuel you in a positive way. Choose to not just survive the madness, but thrive.

I pray that God gives everyone strength, courage, and faith during the madness of the pandemic, and whatever else is going on in their lives. I pray for God's wisdom on how to thrive in every area of their life. I pray for healing physically, financially, mentally, spiritually. Please heal and comfort broken hearts for those who have loved ones that have passed. Heal everyone who is sick. In Jesus name, Amen.

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